The real Hamburg Elbsegler


The north and the sea: These have been sheer inspiration for a long time now – and a constant motivation for Hammaburg to interpret the enduring, the stormproof and the Hanseatic spirit in the here and now.

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For people who love the sea, Hammaburg is a safe haven for authentic looks. Elbsegler and Prince Heinrich caps are the style to wear when going out, whether into a storm or on to calm seas, on land or on the water.

The gate to the world

Hammaburg is closely linked with Hamburg’s roots, with Hanseatic history and the sea.

Hamburg's history goes back to the 9th century. This village called Hammaburg bore its location and form in its name. "Ham/Hamme" referred to a swamp area by the river. In those days "Burg" meant a fortified enclosure with a protective wall around it. The history of Hammaburg includes not only Viking attacks with devastating fires. It also contains the first church of Hamburg, the Mariendom (St. Mary's Cathedral), which is still part of Hamburg's coat of arms – and is cited in the Hammaburg logo.

Hammaburg's core

For a village from the 9th century to become the great Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, it needed mutual convictions, lived traditions and a tireless passion for discovery. As a brand, Hammaburg takes on these inspirations along with the name of that village. From the centuries lived by the river, Friedrich W. Schneider GmbH & Co. KG cultivates the northern yearning for the sea and has itself stood on the bridge for more than one hundred years.